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It is durable, without shrinkage and keeps high temperatures. In a large coil


ForMAX- engineering thermoplastic based on ABS with the addition of carbon fibers, capable of withstanding heavy loads and high temperatures, there is practically no shrinkage when printing.

For the production of carbon fiber yarn, we use tiny fibers that are introduced into the base material to improve its properties. FORMAX can be purchased with a carbon fiber filler. These fibers are extremely strong, and cause an increase in the strength and stiffness of the filament. This also means that parts printed on a 3D printer will be much lighter and more stable in size, since the fibers will help prevent the part from shrinking as it cools. The print settings, such as print temperature, print speed, table adhesion and extrusion speed, will be very similar to the usual settings used for the main material to which the fibers were added - in this case, the ABS material was taken as the basis. However, due to the added fibers, the resulting FORMAX filament is more likely to clog the printer with standard ABS settings, so it is necessary to make adjustments to the printer settings, and special equipment may also be required to avoid damage to the printer.

Formax as opposed to abs
Increased strength and rigidity
Very good dimensional stability
Excellent final surface (hidden layers)

Abrasive and requires a hardened steel nozzle
The thread is slightly more "fragile"
The probability of nozzle clogging is slightly higher

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Data sheet

Bed temperature
Active cooling fan
Nozzle temperature
Print speed
up to 150 mm/s
Nozzle diameter
From 0.4 (min). 0.5-0.6 mm or more is recommended
Min. layer height
0.1 mm