Быстропечатная маска от COVID-19
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Quick to print Anti-COVID19 mask

Hello everyone.

Currently there are lots of produced face masks. Some of them are quite interesting, but the majority takes long time to actually produce. We step in to develop face mask with the following characteristics:

Quick printing process

Reliable filtering


Visual customization for aesthetics 

We succeeded.

Our mask, as you can see, consists of three main modules.

First module - RIM. Printing performed in vase mode. Material - Prototyper soft by Filamentarno! Both transparent and opaque are suitable. It can be replaced with other SBS (these plastics are definitely suitable for contact with the face, since this "butyrate" is approved for medical use.)


Parameters for 0.6mm nozzle - step 0.4; 185 percent extrusion. Rim for sticking 2, height 2 layers. Print with no airflow (otherwise goodbye elasticity). Our print time is around 20 minutes.

Here the first option.  You cut out a piece of filter paper (we use a Cabin Air Filter - the price of coal one is 3-5 € - and it is enough for a couple of dozens for sure) and steam it with an iron. (3 points, 15-20 seconds).  To make slits we attach an elastic band and you're done! Production time is less than 30min.

 But let's move on

Second module - PLATFORM. It is made of flexible plastic (flex from Filamentarno! (It is also based on the one described above), REC - flexible polyurethanes.) With it, you need to guess the gap (on the photo) to fit the rim. The rim due to "skirt / brim" should enter the grooves with little effort. (Therefore, you can initially print it - so that later you can experiment with rim parameters - you can make a mask out of it for sure and the work will not be wasted) Printing step 0.2, filling. Total print time we achieve is  22 min.


Third module - FILTER COVER. It is nothing special, really, just your regular cover,  made of SBS (same as the rim)


FILTER is one of the most crucial moments. After reading the various specifications, we found out the Cabin Air Filter hits the spot quite right. It is not particularly convenient to cut it as it is, but if we print a grid, which we fry with an iron through siliconized paper (for example, the back of the sticker) or foil or baking paper (check your kitchen), then it’s very convenient to cut the modules



Fourth module – BEAUTY.  Here you can do whatever you like. There are mounts to place it on the platform. Now we are developing different modules as “subzero”, “dragon virus” and so on.


As a result, we get a model that is simple in production.

I strongly warn you, even this mask is not a panacea for the corona. It is necessary to disinfect it, change the filters at least every 2 hours. But it looks prettier, especially with decorative modules and protects, unlike the neoprene masks that have flooded the Internet.  After all, neoprene does not even protect from dust because the holes in it are larger than in the cotton scarf (you can check if you look at it in the light)

This is my first post, so please do not judge strictly. The mask itself is still in development and I will post links to the resulting files here. Now I posted it here https://www.thingiverse.com/thingoors268320 Write me, I'm ready to make you part of the project for improvements (valves, prettiness)


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